Vermont Workers' Center - How We Won Healthcare for All, Dec. 17, 2011.

Vermont Workers' Center, December 17, 2011:
How We Won Healthcare for All.

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Vermont Workers' Center organizers Mary Gerish, Kate Kanelstein and Sarah Weintraub talk about the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign and how the campaign succeeded in bringing single payer healthcare to their state. The title of their presentation is: "How We Won Health Care for All."

Mary Gerish is the chair of the Vermont Workers Center Policy Committee, and was recently elected to the Center's coordinating committee and has been involved with the Health Care is a Human Right Campaign from the beginning. Kate Kanelstein is a lead organizer with the Vermont Workers Center, joining in 2007 as a student activist as a member of the Student Labor Action Project at the University of Vermont. She's worked as a project organizer for the United Electrical Workers and has also been working from the beginning as part of the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign. Sarah Weintraub is also a staff organizer with the Vermont Workers' Center. Prior to joining the Center, she worked as an organizer in mobile home parks in rural Vermont. She has also worked throughout Vermont on the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign and helped initiate the Vermont Workers' Center Peoples University for Learning and Liberation, a project for building leadership skills and critical analysis through popular and political education.

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